The modern journey from past to future …

A modern journey from past to future…
Cahit ÜNER, doyen of our firm has started to perform his business activities with woolen carpet yarn dyeing in 1950.

He had been involved in manufacturing hand-made rugs under the name EMEK ZERAFET since 1960. Acquiring 2 weaving looms in 1987, production capacity has increased with the manufacture of machine-woven carpet in carpet weaving industry. Purchasing STRAYGARN dredging machines for wool yarn, it has enlarged its production capacity to global norms.

Our firm enhancing its potential with each passing day thanks to its strong equipment has increased its production capacity with the relevant studies performed by it for the purposes of productivity within 2007. It enhances its production area, product range and production capacity continuously and is able to deliver the right product in right time so.

The philosophy “ I have selected the appropriate raw material to be processed by us for our manufacture with caution..” has been adopted by us as a most important philosophy which has remained unchanged since foundation; accordingly our sense of quality has been increased continuously in manufacturing acrylic carpet for mosque and woolen carpet for mosque .

Raw wool coming from live animals is taken to our facilities and then wool dyed with the combination of best quality materials in our dyeing plant following manual and machine-made scoring is woven with high quality first in yarn loom and then in weaving loom. Following final scoring and quality control operations, the said journey has become ready to take place at your home and our mosques as a warm motif extending to you.

We have continued to serve you by offering affordable prices for mosque carpets with respect to the manufacture of machine-woven home carpets, woven carpets for mosque, acrylic carpets for mosque and woven carpets for mosque as embroidered in the middle with 4 VAN DE WIELE computerized jacquard looms in an area of 5500 square meters.